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Radio control scale building is a challenging and rewarding aspect of R/C modelling. RCSCALEBUILDER.COM (RCSB) is unique compared to other R/C sites as it is a member supported on-line community created to provide you with as many resources as possible to help you be successful and more informed with your scale radio control hobby projects. No matter if it is your first scale project or you are a seasoned scratch builder, you will find a lot of great fellow modelers and information here in our on-line community.

If you are not already a member of our community, simpley click on the "Register" link in the "Join Our Community" box on the left to setup a free account and start enjoying all the great content and get to know the fellow modelers here on RCSB.

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May Site Supporter Vendor Special
Posted: Admin @ May/01/2022 12:45pm

Tired of paying for poor quality copies of photos, then having to wait a week
or more to get them? Modeler's Reference was the first to offer original digital and
digital scanned images directly from the original negatives, not copies of copies.

Best of all, our walk-arounds cost is well below other documentation services prices,
and you download them instantly!

Through the month of May,
Modeler's Reference is offering 50% off

our already low prices exclusively to RCSB Site Supporters.

Site Supporters Click here for your discount code

Click here to visit Modeler's Reference Web Site

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May Model of the Month
Posted: Admin @ May/01/2022 12:27pm

This month's winner of Model Of The Month is

Matt Lupri's Vailly Fw190

This is an awesome model and build thread that while an older build, certainly deserves
this award from the craftsmanship and sheer amount of information in Matt's thread!
Follow Matt through his build process and watch this model come alive.

To read more click here.

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May Site Supporter Download
Posted: Admin @ May/01/2022 11:54am
This is nice highly detailed walk-around of a GAF N22 Nomad photographed by member Bob Knight at the Pima
Air Space Museum. This highly detailed walk-around contains 93 images of this unique subject and it's parts.

This is an excellent subject to add to your walk-around collection.


If you are not an RCSB Site Supporter you can learn
about the benefits of subscribing (like these walk-arounds) by clicking on the link below...

Click Here To Learn More About The RCSB Site Supporter Subscription

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May Site News
Posted: Admin @ May/01/2022 11:43am
Greetings All,

Can you believe spring is already here? Lots of fly-ins and contests here in the Northern Hemisphere. I know our pals down-under are starting to sharpen their x-actos and cleaning off their building benches for another building season. No matter if you are flying this month or building please be sure to do it safely and try to share this great hobby with someone new this month.

Just a few items to cover this month...

1. PHOTOS FROM EVENTS - While attending events this flying season, if you take some picture be sure and share them in the "Scale Events" forum. Everyone would love to see all the beautiful models out there. I look forward to seeing more this year!

2. SEASONAL SAFETY CHECKLIST - If you haven't downloaded and used it yet be sure and try out our seasonal model checklist. Every year I bring this up and point everyone to our SEASONAL SAFETY CHECKLIST that is available for download by simply clicking here. We hope you all will take a day and use our checklist to go over your models making sure they are safe and ready for a successful flying season. Remember, SAFETY FIRST!

3. MORE STUFF! -  If you are a Site Supporter, over the last month we have had more than several contributions to the 3D Repository and the Resource Repository. Check them out!

That's it for this month. Hope you all have a great May.

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