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Radio control scale building is a challenging and rewarding aspect of R/C modelling. RCSCALEBUILDER.COM (RCSB) is unique compared to other R/C sites as it is a member supported on-line community created to provide you with as many resources as possible to help you be successful and more informed with your scale radio control hobby projects. No matter if it is your first scale project or you are a seasoned scratch builder, you will find a lot of great fellow modelers and information here in our on-line community.

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IT’S BACK! - M&M Color Chip Book Run #3
Posted: Admin @ November/08/2020 9:53am
If you missed out on the first or second run of the M&M Models Color Guide by Mike Marecki,
I have some good news for you!

After speaking with Mike the other day, he committed to doing another run of the book IF there was enough interest.

For those of you that do not know about this book it is the much sought after and EXTREMELY RARE M&M Models Color Guide that includes paint chips from all the countries listed below. If you need a color documentation source that has not been easily available for years now, Mike may be doing another small run for a VERY limited time if we can get enough people to commit.


Countries included in every book:
1939 - 1945...
U.S. NAVY - 12 colors
U.S. ARMY AIR FORCE - 9 colors
U.S. AIR FORCE 1946 TO PRESENT - 22 colors very limited supply
LUFTWAFFE - 12 colors
JAPANESE - 11 colors
ITALIAN - 7 colors
RUSSIAN - 9 colors
R.A.F. - 15 colors

Over 100 chips in every book!

What I need from you guys is if you are interesting in purchasing one or more books he needs a SOLID COMMITMENT of 50 books or more at $60.00 US (includes domestic shipping, $10 extra for international shipping) each to make it worth his time.

If you want one or more of these books please post below with the number of copies you wish to purchase to let Mike know. If there is enough interest Mike will be making the books up in January. This is a GREAT resource and a must have for your scale reference library!

UPDATE: Mike Mereki just let me know he is also including 14 new colors in this release including a
page of French color chips. Also, the book will contain six pages of various countries color schemes/reference.

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November Vendor Special Offer
Posted: Admin @ November/01/2020 9:35am

Jose at Fliteskin AeroScale is offering a discount for
RCSB Site Supporters 
who purchase his Spitfire kit this month!

Site Supporters click here to learn more...

To learn more about becoming a RCSB Site Supporter click here!

Visit Fliteskin AeroScale at
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November Model Of The Month
Posted: Admin @ November/01/2020 9:10am

This month's winner of Model Of The Month is 

Brian Perkins Fokker DR-1 

This is an awesome model and build thread here on RCSB!

To learn more about this awesome model, click here.
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November Site Supporter Download
Posted: Admin @ November/01/2020 8:53am
This month's walk-around is an awesome one! Member Nigel Tarvin has provided all of us another excellent walk-around of a Nakajima Ki-43 with 49 high resolution images. Everything you need is here in this nice walkaround. 

This is an excellent subject to add to your walk-around collection.

If you are not an RCSB Site Supporter you can learn 
about the benefits of subscribing by clicking on the link below...

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November Site News
Posted: Admin @ November/01/2020 8:33am
Greetings everyone,

Hope you all are having a great fall. It's getting busy here at RCSB... This time of year traffic on the site begins to increase and more threads are being posted. We are back in building season in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Just a few items to cover this month...

1. Thank You For Your Support - Thanks to you all who help support RCSB with your subscriptions and content you post. I was approached by several folks at the last fly-in I attended this year that had nothing but good things to say about the site and everyone on it. It was a real testament to the great community spirit we have here on RCSB and everyone's contributions. So a big thank you from myself and the other staff members.

2. POP UP's on RCSB - Someone ask me why RCSB has pop-up ads... THERE ARE NO POPUP ADS ON RCSB, no such thing. If you are getting popups then you have malware on your PC or device. I would suggest you use a quality product like MalwareByte's Anti-Malware program (for Windows and Mac) to clean your PC. 

3. Site Supporter Subscription Renewals - Just as a reminder, subscription renewals reminders are sent out via Private Message on the site the month before and the month of your renewal. So be sure and check your PM Inbox by clicking on "My Profile" then "Private Messenger".

Hope you all find some time to post your project progress. Again, this site would not be what it is without YOU!

Until Next Month,
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