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Radio control scale building is a challenging and rewarding aspect of R/C modelling. RCSCALEBUILDER.COM (RCSB) is unique compared to other R/C sites as it is a member supported on-line community created to provide you with as many resources as possible to help you be successful and more informed with your scale radio control hobby projects. No matter if it is your first scale project or you are a seasoned scratch builder, you will find a lot of great fellow modelers and information here in our on-line community.

If you are not already a member of our community, simpley click on the "Register" link in the "Join Our Community" box on the left to setup a free account and start enjoying all the great content and get to know the fellow modelers here on RCSB.

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October Vendor Special
Posted: Admin @ October/01/2021 10:23am

During the month of October, Jiri at JP Warbirds is offering RCSB Site Supporters

A 5% discount on order over $50.00 US and 12% discount on orders over $100.00 US.

Site Supporters, to get your discount code click here.

To learn more about becoming a RCSB Site Supporter click here.

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October Model of the Month
Posted: Admin @ October/01/2021 10:00am

This month's winner of Model Of The Month is

Stian Bjerkeseth's  1/5.33 Mk1A Spitfire

This is an awesome model and build thread that certainly deserves this award!

You can read more about this by clicking here.

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October Site Supporter Download
Posted: Admin @ October/01/2021 9:45am
This Month's walk-around is another from member Tim Bridges (tubig) of a beautifully restored North American T-6 "Texan". This walk-around contains 55 high resolution images of this beautiful subject and lots of detail shots.

This is an excellent subject to add to your walk-around collection.


If you are not an RCSB Site Supporter you can learn
about the benefits of subscribing (like these walk-arounds) by clicking on the link below...

Click Here To Learn More About The RCSB Site Supporter Subscription

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October Site News
Posted: Admin @ October/01/2021 9:23am
Greetings fellow RCSB'ers,

As we head into building season here in the Northern Hemisphere I wanted to remind each and every one of you the benefits of having a Build Thread for your winter project.

1. First and foremost, you will be sharing your build experience with other modelers. This is huge! Not only will it give you the chance to get advice when you may need it but you will be helping others in the hobby by showing how YOU do things.

2. By posting your winter build you will find that you will start to have regulars visiting and commenting on your thread that are like-minded about building and it is a good opportunity to make new flying buddies from all over the world!

3. When you have a build thread going you will start to find multiple ways of doing a task and therefore expanding your modeling knowledge which always makes us all better builders!

4. Last but not least, you are giving back a little to this great hobby by sharing your experience with others who in the future may want to build the same subject. No matter what your experience level or the simplicity or complexity of your build, everyone can learn something new!

Here are a few resources to help you get started.

These are available at the top of every forum and have some great tips and instructions on getting started posting.

Just a couple of other items to cover this month.

1. Resource Repository - I am in the process of adding some new items in the resource repository. If you are an RCSB Site Supporter be sure and check it over the next couple of weeks for more new goodies to help you with your modeling.

2. Frequently Ask Questions - We have many new members recently so I wanted to point out again that if you have any questions about RCSB be sure to check it out by clicking on FAQ on the site menu at the top of every page. 99% of your questions about how the site works and how to do something on the site can be answered there.

3. RCSB Chat Room - If you are on the site during the morning (US time zones) be sure and drop in the RCSB chat room and say hi. You can find a link to the chatroom under "Community" on the site menu near the top of every page. There is usually a small group in there, some are working so give them a chance to answer and lets talk model airplanes!

Well that is all for this month. I hope you all have a great month and thank you for your support.


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