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Radio control scale building is a challenging and rewarding aspect of R/C modelling. RCSCALEBUILDER.COM (RCSB) is unique compared to other R/C sites as it is a member supported on-line community created to provide you with as many resources as possible to help you be successful and more informed with your scale radio control hobby projects. No matter if it is your first scale project or you are a seasoned scratch builder, you will find a lot of great fellow modelers and information here in our on-line community.

If you are not already a member of our community, simpley click on the "Register" link in the "Join Our Community" box on the left to setup a free account and start enjoying all the great content and get to know the fellow modelers here on RCSB.

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Nov. Site Supporter Special Offer
Posted: Admin @ November/01/2019 8:50am

During the month of November only, FLITE-METAL is offering all RCSB Site Supporters

30% discount from the regular price of FLITE-METAL

FLITE-METAL is the premium aluminum finish product used
by award-winning modelers throughout the world!

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November Model Of The Month
Posted: Admin @ November/01/2019 8:18am

This month's winner of Model Of The Month is 

Whitney Philbrick's 1/3rd Scale Nieuport 28

This is an awesome model and build thread here on RCSB!
Follow Whitney through every step of his building process and watch this masterpiece come alive.

For his efforts, Whitney has won an awesome "Zap Pack" from 
Frank Tiano at FTE (

You can read more about Whitney's model by 

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November Site Supporter Walkaround
Posted: Admin @ November/01/2019 7:57am
This month's walk-around is an collection of images of an historic WASP T-6 "Texan". This walk-around was photographed and donated by member John Kennedy (ZackChange). There are 56 high resolution images of this bird and everything you need is here including some great close-up shots of various detail.

This is an excellent subject to add to your walk-around collection.

If you are not an RCSB Site Supporter you can learn 
about the benefits of subscribing by clicking on the link below...

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November Site News
Posted: Admin @ November/01/2019 7:31am
Hi everyone,

Hope you are all enjoying our wonderful hobby this month. As we ramp up our building season in the Northern Hemisphere (and flying season in the Southern Hemisphere) I wanted to take a moment and reflect on the state of our hobby. I often hear fellow hobbyist say our "hobby is dying"  and will soon be gone, well this is just not the case. Our hobby is CHANGING, not dying. With the advent of ready to fly models and ARF's (in all sizes) this has opened up our hobby to a wider audience than in the past. Along with this wider audience comes better technology (just think about how far radio systems have come in the last ten years for example). With almost half of a billion dollars in sales in 2018, R/C is one of the top five highest grossing hobbies (and growing every year) in the world.

So what does this mean to you and me? This mean WE as hobbyist have to change from being so passive and start encouraging all these folks at the parks and school grounds to visit our clubs, join our organization, offer our help as mentors, and encourage them to participate in our events. We need to offer a path for that guy at the park with the foamy to explore our hobby more (such as building) by interacting with others and learning more about our hobby. The social aspect of our hobby is one of the most rewarding and fun parts of it. Why not share that? 

Not sure where to start? How about contacting that neighbor with a foamy or that member at your club who just joined and ask them if they have an questions or need any help. Make them feel welcomed to your club and actively try to recruit others at the parks, hobby shop, or fly-ins/fun-flys. There are lots of opportunities to encourage these "casual hobbyist" to participate and enjoy our hobby more, WE just have to work at it. 

WE are the ambassadors and caretakers of our hobby and it's success or failure depends on us!

Until next month,
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