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RCSCALEBUILDER.COM started as an idea in the year 2002 at the Rally of Eagles event while I was socializing with other modelers one evening. We all agreed it would be great to have our own community to share ideas and techniques, allow folks new in this aspect of the hobby get help when they needed to ask questions, communicate with designers, kit manufactures, other vendors, and most importantly to help inject a little life back into R/C Scale Modeling. Even with the other sites on the internet there was no true focus on scale building. So I decided to take on the challenge. With the advice of fellow modelers I created the first version of RCSCALEBUILDER.COM and officially launched it June 2003 running on a small server hosted by a friend that ran a local ISP. The site quickly outgrew the server and ISP and in 2004 I revised the site and moved it the current hosting provider.

A lot of people ask what makes RCSB so different from other community sites. The main differences between us and other similar sites is we are primarily a community funded site (yearly subscription) and have a set of rigid rules to keep things in a positive light and focused on building. Our rules are in place to allow EVERYONE to enjoy themselves and to provide a comfortable community to interact in and we welcome anyone who is genuinely interested in R/C Scale Building.

Also, a lot of people ask, "Why am I required to join to view the content?". As stated above, we want individuals in the community that are genuinely interested in this aspect of the hobby. Also, it helps to keep the spammers, and others not interested enough to sign up out of the site minimizing the distractions and keeping the focus on building. While we do require you to create an account, your membership info is completely private and only used by us to help serve you better.

pic of MikeI hope this give you a good overview of what RCSB is about. If you have any questions or comments about the site just go to the Contact Us link on the menu and send me an email.

Mike Chilson


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