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Mike's Recommendations
These are hand picked items I have purchased over the years and think you will enjoy and/or benefit from the also. These recommendations will change from time to time so grab them while you can.
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RCSB Supporting Vendors
This page list ONLY those vendors that support the site by advertising on the site. So please do not ask me to add a link to your site unless you support this site by advertising here to help keep it running.
Plans (4)

Vendors that supply plans for R/C scale models

Kits / ARFs (8)

Vendors that supply kits for R/C scale models

Kit Cutters (1)

Vendors who offer kit cutting services for R/C scale models

Retracts/Wheels (2)

Vendors that manufacture and/or sell retracts, retract accessories, and scale wheels for R/C scale models

Engines / Engine Accessories / Props (4)

Vendors that sell engines for R/C scale models

Radio Gear (3)

Vendors that sell radio gear for R/C models such as servos, wiring, etc.


Electronics/Batteries (3)
Vendors who sell various electronic devices and batteries for R/C models
Electric Power Systems (1)
Vendors that carry and support components for electric power setups such as motors, ESC's and Batteries.
Hardware/Accessories (3)
Vendors that sell various items such as pushrod, servo mounts, etc. for R/C models
Construction Materials and Supplies (0)
Vendors that supply various materials (sucha s balsa wood) and teh various supplies needed for building a R/C scale model.
Finishing Supplies/Accessories (8)
Vendors who sell various items such as fiberglass supplies and covering materials for R/C models.
Paint and Accessories (1)
Vendors that manufacture or resell paint and the various accessories associated with it.
Tools (1)
Vendors who manufacture tools and tool accessories for building R/C models
Resources (5)
Vendors who provide recources for R/C modeling including reference and instruction
Builders (2)
Vendors who provide building services
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