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This page list ONLY those vendors that support the site by advertising on the site. Unfortunately I do not have the time or inclination to try and keep up with links to various vendors that do not support the site in any shape or form but take advantage of it to further their business. So please do not ask me to add a link to your site unless you support this site by advertising here to help keep it running.
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Total Entries in Supporting Vendor Links: 40
Plans (4)

Vendors that supply plans for R/C scale models

Kits / ARFs (4)

Vendors that supply kits for R/C scale models

Kit Cutters (3)

Vendors who offer kit cutting services for R/C scale models

Retracts/Wheels (5)

Vendors that manufacture and/or sell retracts, retract accessories, and scale wheels for R/C scale models

Engines / Engine Accessories / Props (1)

Vendors that sell engines for R/C scale models

Radio Gear (2)

Vendors that sell radio gear for R/C models


Electronics/Batteries (2)
Vendors who sell various electronic devices and batteries for R/C models
Electrics (1)
Hardware/Accessories (2)
Vendors that sell various items such as pushrod, servo mounts, etc. for R/C models
Construction Materials and Supplies (2)
Vendors that supply various materials (sucha s balsa wood) and teh various supplies needed for building a R/C scale model.
Finishing Supplies/Accessories (7)
Vendors who sell various items such as fiberglass supplies and covering materials for R/C models.
Paint and Accessories (3)
Vendors that manufacture or resell paint and the various accessories associated with it.
Tools (0)
Vendors who manufacture tools and tool accessories for building R/C models
Resources (4)
Vendors who provide recources for R/C modeling including reference and instruction
Builders (0)
Vendors who provide building services
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