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Posted: February/11/2023 at 9:12am  Quote

European Scale Masters


The Scale Masters began in 2017 and were held again in 2019. Both events were held in Helsingborgs, Sweden and incorporated the Nordic Championships.  There was some participation from non-Nordic countries at both events, both in terms of competitors and judges.


As there are no longer Euro Scale Championships held, it is hoped that Euro Scale Masters competitions shall be held in multiple locations in non-World Championship years. These events are an excellent way to encourage international competition without the large investment of time required for a World Championship.


CONTACT          ;


Tues 5th    Arrival of participants

Weds 6th  Commencement of F4C/H Static from 12.00

Thurs 7th  Continuation of F4C/H Static

                   Round 1 F4C/H

                   Commencement of F4B Static from 15.00

                   Welcome BBQ

Fri 8th      Round 1 Flying Only

                   Round 2 F4C/H

                   Continuation of F4B Static

                   Round 1 of all CL classes

                   Scale FF classes

Sat 9th     Round 2 of Flying Only

                   Round 3 of F4H

                   Continuation of all CL classes

                   Scale FF classes

                   Nations Night

Sun 10th  Round 3 of Flying Only

                   Round 3 of F4C

                   Conclusion of all CL Classes

                   Awards and Prize Giving



        It is official. Germany had withdrawn from hosting the European Scale Masters.

        Instead it will be held in UK starting with static on Wednesday 6 September at the BMFA national flying sight at Buckminster . Finishing on Sunday 10 September.

        Because this is the date previously set of the UK nationals we will have a separate score to establish a UK winner along with a European Scale Masters.

        F4c and F4h will be flown along with F2B control line scale on the special circle.

        The runway is close mown grass and is regularly used for jets. All usual wind directions are OK.

        Campsite is very nice with all facilities except electric hookup. We hope to have a cafe open on sight in the permanent buildings.

        There is a hanger for model storage, static etc.

        The nearest big city is Grantham18 minuets. Lincoln is 57 minuets north.
        Old Warden and Duxford are not far away,
        Please follow the directions on the BMFA www as the sight is not exactly at Buckminster.

        Buckminster is about 2 hours north of London and about 3-4 hours from Dover

        Entry forms will be online in about 2 weeks @



BMFA Buckminster
Host of the European Scale Masters
6-10 September 2023
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