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Posted: August/01/2019 at 9:46am  Quote
Greetings to you all from the dog days of summer here in the Southern US.  I hope each and every one of you are doing well and enjoying our great hobby every chance you get. Being a programmer, when I am able to get down in the shop and work with my hands on a model does me wonders to help relax. Always remember why you are involved in the hobby... Building is not a race, it's an experience! 

Just a few items to cover this month:

RCSB Q & A Video LIVE Stream
Saturday August 10th at 10:00am Central Daylight Savings Time US (GMT - 5) I will be hosting an hour long LIVE Q&A for you all to ask your questions about RCSB. We will be talking about using browsers to their fullest, going over some things like how to add a link to your post, how to add images correctly and taking any specific question you may have about the site or anything else RCSB related. I will be posting an announcement next week about this but in the meantime if you have never checked out our YouTube channel (where we will be streaming the Q&A) at:

What You Can Do
I was talking with a friend a few weeks ago and he was telling me how much he enjoyed this hobby and all the nice people he had met and become friends with. Then he ask me for some ideas on how he could help out the hobby that he loved and enjoyed for so many years. This made me think about a post I did a couple of years ago on "giving back" to our hobby and so for this month's site news I want to republish it. We are all ambassadors of our hobby and our actions and behavior reflect directly on how others inside the hobby view us and more importantly these days, how the general public views us. I have had several members ask to use this in their club newsletter so feel free to use it in yours any way you wish. Here is "What you can do" from April 2013.

Here is a question to ask yourself. What were/are your goals in the hobby this year? Attend more events? Build another model? Buy a new radio? Those are all great goals but how about a goal to help our hobby? You would be surprised at the impact each single individual can have in our modeling community, both locally and in your country by doing the simplest things. When our local modeling communities are healthy, guess what, our hobby as a whole is better off. So you are asking yourself "OK Mike, so what can I do?” well quite a lot actually, I call it the "Three C's". Pick any ONE of them and you being a pro-active member of our hobby. 

First, COMMUNICATE. if your local club or organization is sponsoring an event at a shopping mall or some other type of demonstration, grab one of your pride and joys and attend. If you don't have a model to show go and help answer questions. Communicating with the general public is the KEY to bringing new members in. Also, if you have a scout troop in your area be sure and seek out the scout master and I am sure he would be interested in you coming and speaking to the kids about model aviation. Setup a day when a local TV station can come out and film you guys flying, sounds crazy I know but local TV stations are always looking for content. There are hundreds of ideas one you start thinking of ways to communicate about our hobby.

Next, you can COLLABORATE. Got someone in your local club interested in R/C Scale Building? Become their mentor! Even though you may feel you are not qualified to teach someone else, you really are. Get together with them one a week, maybe one evening and help them accomplish goals with their project or get them to help you with yours and teach them new skills. Even if you spend 90% socializing and 10% working on a model you have accomplished your goal and hopefully made a new building buddy. Want to take it a step farther? Start a building seminar offering tips and tricks to help folks get started and advertise it at your local hobby shop. Heck, they may help! Get anyone involved you can. Feel like you are a better flyer than a builder? Offer to become the trainer at your club and teach new members to fly! I think you see where I am going here.

Last (but certainly not least) is CONTRIBUTE. This means many things, your time, your effort most importantly, and of course funds if you have the disposable income. Be sure and show up at local club work days and meetings and give your input. Enjoy writing? Write an article for your club's newsletter or one of the hobby magazines. Heck, post your build here on RCSB! The possibilities are endless. Also, be sure to try to support organizations that are you think are doing a good job promoting our hobby by joining and becoming active members (Like the AMA, LMA, NASA, USSMA, etc). 

Heck, even here on RCSB there are many, many members on this site that do one, two, and all three of these things on a regular basis both locally with their clubs, nationally, and of course globally. THIS is one of the main reasons this is the finest community site on the web in my humble opinion. So take a few minutes and reflect on what YOU can do to help drive our hobby forward. Oh, and the best part of doing any of these things.. You walk away with the satisfaction YOU have helped R/C Scale.

Winter Builds
Before you know it the short cold days of winter will be upon us again. Do you have a project lined up for this winter? I would love to hear what you plan on building and hope to see it built on RCSB!

That's all for this month. Hope you all have a great August and stay safe!


Mike Chilson,
RCSB Founder
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