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Posted: July/23/2003 at 11:47am  

This site is here to assist everyone in enjoying R/C scale building. To enhance the quality of the discussion for everyone, we require you abide by the following rules when posting messages and interacting with other users in various areas of RCSB.

1. Posting inappropriate or irrelevant material -  Do not post material that is libelous, obscene, abusive, or that otherwise encourages or violates any local, state, federal, or international laws, or any of the following rules. Also, please only post information appropriate and pertinent to this site. Any posts containing non-scale r/c model will be removed. This is a site about scale building.

2. Flaming Individuals / Vendors - Will not be tolerated. While we try to allow people to voice their opinions, we do not want to see posts that offend or degrade other forum members. We also will not tolerate griping, soapboxing, or slanderous statements. RCSCALEBUILDER.COM is meant to be a POSITIVE experience for all to share their building experiences. It is not meant to be your personal soap box.

3. Pornographic Images - Will not be tolerated. Any photograph containing nude or suggestive imagery will be deleted with the exception of aircraft nose art which is considered historical information. RCSCALEBUILDER.COM is a family oriented site.

4. Foul Language / Racism / Sexism Remarks - Will not be tolerated. RCSB is a family friendly site. Please show respect for yourself and at a minimum the other members of RCSCALEBUILDER.COM that may not want to hear it. Also, there will be those who take it upon themselves to find creative ways to bypass the obscenity filters on RCSB. It should be obvious that if a word is filtered out, it is not to be used on this site.

5. Politics / Religion Discussions - Will not be tolerated. This forum is about MODEL AIRPLANES, not politics or religion.

6. Posting Language - English is the "official" language of RCSCALEBUILDER.COM and while we understand everyone may not be fluent in English most of our members speak it. Posting in any other language is subject to removal.

7. Copyrighted Materials
- Do not post copyrighted material such as purchased images, or other copyrighted reference material that requires permission without written permission from the author. RCSCALEBUILDER.COM respects others intellectual work.

8. Crashed Aircraft Pictures - Do not post images of recently crashed full-scale aircraft here (historical photos for marking purposes, etc. are OK). This is not very tasteful (especially if someone has lost their life) and serves no purpose HERE.

9. Usernames - Abusive or sexually suggestive usernames will not be tolerated. Any abusive/bad language seen in usernames will be looked upon harshly and will more than likely be deleted and banned on sight.

10. Do not spam the forums  - Posts or chat text that is off-topic, or generally irritates other members or their reading pleasure will be removed. This also includes posting the same message in multiple forums, redundant material, or taking over an existing thread (hijacking) with your own posts.

11. Vendor Ads - Vendors must confine posting of ads or advertising material to the Vendor Announcement Forum.

12. Valid Email Address - You must maintain a valid email address in your member profile in case we need to contact you. We keep your information private and only for our use. Members who refuse to update an invalid email address after being contacted about this issue will have their account deactivated until this is corrected. Also from time to time, we send emails to our basic account members with special offers and information. If you do not wish to receive these them please do not register.

13. Rights of Content - Your intellectual property belongs to you, but by posting content (information or images) on 
RCSCALEBUILDER.COM (RCSB) the poster grants rights of all content posted on RCSB to the fullest extent possible. RCSB may use content posted here for any purpose, including commercial purposes. RCSB also may republish your content in any form, including forms that do not currently exist.

Any violation of these site rules will result in the member being warned or banned. If a supporting member is banned no refunds on subscriptions will be issued. The action that is taken will depend on the severity of the violation.

This site's administrators and moderators reserve the right to edit or delete any thread, post or username we feel is breaking any of these rules or not following the "spirit" of the site. Also, this is a privately owned website and WE have the final word. Please enjoy your time with us but be respectful of others.

Mike Chilson,
RCSB Owner/Founder
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